Children, Youth & Teen Program

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Children, Youth & Teen Program1

Children, Youth & Teen Program

Children, Youth & Teen Program at Henderson Hall

Parent Advisory Board1

Parent Advisory Board

meets monthly to discuss concerns and to offer ideas for improvements within our program

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The mission of the Children, Youth, and Teen Program is to provide high-quality, affordable, accessible, and developmentally appropriate child care resources to military families.  In collaboration with DoD and other local agencies, our goal is to support mission and family readiness.

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MCCS regrets to announce that, due to budget cuts beyond our control, the Children, Youth and Teen Program will end on September 30, 2014. We would like to thank our providers for their dedication over the years and the families we have served for your confidence in entrusting your children to our program.

Off-Base Family Child Care

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To accommodate the needs of Marine Corps families, the Henderson Hall Off-Base Family Child Care (OFCC) program provides affordable, high-quality, developmentally appropriate child care in certified family child care homes within the National Capital Area.  Off-base Family Child Care homes meet stringent USMC, DoD and local government requirements.  OFCC providers are required to complete DoD training modules.  The majority of the OFCC providers have the nationally recognized Child Development Credential.  Many of the providers are also working on their National Association for Family Child Care Accreditation.

 Subsidies are available to eligible families (see the priority list below).  Families must be enrolled in the OFCC program to receive subsidies.  

  • Off-Base Family Child Care Fees and Susidies – read more
  • Department of Defense, Form 2606 (request for care record). Form 2606.
  • Department of Defense, Form 2652 (child care fees). Form 2652.
  • Off-Base Family Child Care Parent Handbook –  read more

Priority List (For subsidized care)

See the 2014 priority list here read more.

Registration Package

  • Request for Care Record (Form 2606) »see file.
  • Application for DoD Child Care Fees (Form 2652) »see file.
  • Statement of Understanding Regarding Child Care Resource and Referral Service »see file.
  • Enrollment form NAVMC 19031 »see file
  • Hold Harmless Agreement »see file
  • Infant Sleep Policy »see file
  • Family Care Plan »see file
  • Withdrawal or Change from Child Care »see file
  • Child Abuse Reporting »see file.
  • Non Discrimination of Special Needs »see file.
  • Maryland Schools – Record of Physical Examination »see file.
  • Commonwealth Of Virginia – School Entrance Health Form – Health Information Form/Comprehensive Physical Examination Report/Certification of Immunization (Form MCH 213 F) »see file

Parent Advisory Board Meeting

The Parent Advisory Board meets monthly to discuss concerns and to offer ideas for improvements within the CYTP program. Over the last several years, the board has helped coordinate the Annual Children’s Fair.  We meet on the third Wednesday of each month except December at 1500 in the Children, Youth and Teen Program office.  All current and past parents of the Off-base Family Child Care Program are welcome to attend.

Inclusion Action Team (IAT)

An Inclusion Action Team (IAT) is available to assist families with special needs children in our program. The Inclusion Action Team consists of the Children, Youth and Teen Manager, Exceptional Family Member Program Manager, New Parent Support Program Home Visitor, and the Henderson Hall School Liaison Manager.

YMCA Memberships for Eligible Military Families

The Department of Defense has partnered with the Armed Services YMCA to fund memberships at participating YMCAs throughout the United States and Puerto Rico for the following groups:
  • Families of deployed National Guard and Reserve personnel (Army/Navy/Air Force/Marine Corps)
  • Active duty personnel and their families at independent duty stations
  • Active duty families assigned to newly established joint bases
  • Relocated spouse and family members of deployed active duty personnel
FITNESS FACILITY MEMBERSHIPS: The DoD will also buy down memberships at local fitness facilities (e.g. Gold's Gym/Bally's/24 Hour Fitness, etc) for single active duty personnel at independent duty stations.
  1. Complete the YMCA/DoD Eligibility Form attached or download at or call Military OneSource at 1-800-342-9647
  2. Visit to find a participating, local YMCA
  3. Take the eligibility form, a copy of your deployment orders, and your military ID card to your local YMCA.

YMCA/DoD Eligibility Form – read more


Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can I put my child on a waiting list before he/she is born?
Yes, unborn children can be put on a waiting list with the anticipated due date. Parents must update when the child is born and provide name of sponsor, child's name, birthday and verify contact information. Placement on the wait list does not guarantee placement in an Off-base Family Child Care home.

2. Who is eligible to use the Off-base Family Child Care (OFCC)?
Eligible patrons (sponsors) include military personnel and DoD personnel.

3. How are subsidies determined?
The fee scale is based on guidelines established by the Department of Defense. These fees are paid in advance weekly (or as contracted) directly to the family child care provider. Fees are based upon total family income using the service member's most recent LES and the last two most recent pay stubs for a non-military spouse.

4. Who is eligible for subsidized care?
5. How Often are Off-base Family Child Care Providers inspected?
OFCC providers are inspected once a month for the first six months they are in the program and then quarterly thereafter. They are however, visited every month. Most inspections and visits are unannounced. Providers may also be chosen for annual Multi-disciplinary Inspections and Higher Headquarters Inspections. Each home is also inspected initially and annually by a Henderson Hall base safety representative. OFCC providers are also inspected by their local authorities and by the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

6. What are the training requirements for Off-base Family Child Care Providers?
Providers must maintain current first aid and CPR. In addition they must complete 15 military child care modules in the first 18 months they are in the program. Once they have completed the modules OFCC providers must complete 24 hours of training annually. Training in safety, medication administration and in child abuse prevention are required as part of annual training.

7. What qualifications do OFCC providers have?
75% of the OFCC providers have completed the Child Development Credential (CDA)from the Council of Professional Development. This is a nationally recognized certification. The remaining 25% are working towards the CDA. Many of the providers also have college level degrees and/or training in child development.