Marine & Family Programs

Building 12  |  703-614-7200  |  Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM  | See map
Behavioral Health Branch

Behavioral Health Branch

Counseling, FAP, NPSP, SACC, Victim Advocate, Prevention & Education

Family Care & Readiness Branch

Family Care & Readiness Branch

EFMP, MCFTB, CYTP and School Liaison

Pewrsonal & Professional Readiness Program

Personal & Professional Readiness Branch

Education & Career Services, TAMP-FMEAP, RAP, I&R, PFM, RAO

Marine & Family Programs supports Marines, civilian Marines, and family members attached to the Headquarters Battalion in the National Capital Region Command. Our programs comprise a variety of support and quality of life efforts.


4th Annual Fall Family Fun Festival

Hosted by New Parent Support Program
Saturday, September 27 • 10 am – 2 pm • Clp. Terry L. Smith Gymnasium • Joint Base Myer–Henderson Hall

Join us for: games, face painting, bounce houses, music, and more...!
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Provide Marine and Family Program services to Marines & their families in the National Capital Region in direct support of individual and family readiness and retention.


Build strong families by meeting the demands of the challenging lifestyle that our families experience every day by offering integrated, balanced, quality programs that support the continuum of Marines and their families on and off base to include Children Youth & Teens, Counseling, Exceptional Family Member, Family Advocacy, Family Member Employment Assistance, Information & Referral, Education & Career Services, Marine Corps Family Team Building, New Parent Support, Personal Financial Management, Retired Activities, Relocation Assistance, Substance Abuse Counseling, Transition Assistance, School Liaison, and Victim Advocacy services.

Marine & Family Programs Branches

Behavioral Health

Counseling Services, Family Advocacy Program, Victim Advocacy Program, Prevention & Education, New Parent Support Program, Substance Abuse Combat Center.

Personal & Professional Readiness

Education & Career Services, Career Resource Management Progra, Retired Activities Program, Relocation Assistance Program, Information & Referral, Personal Financial Management Program.

Family Care & Readiness

Exceptional Family Member Program; Marine Corps Family Team Building ( L.I.N.K.S.; Readiness & Deployment/LifeSkills; Unit, Personal & Family Readiness Program; C.R.E.D.O.; P.R.E.P.); School Liaison Program; Children, Youth & Teen Program.