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September is Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide Prevention Month

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. This month the Marine Corps will highlight prevention efforts, promote resources and support services, and engage Marines and families in an awareness campaign that will promote community connectedness and belonging. This is one month of a year-round effort to address the issue of suicide in the Marine Corps.

Small Steps Save Lives. Make it Your Mission to #BeThere.

What Can One Person Do

Connect with those around you and let them know they matter and you care. Be there for a fellow Marine. Ask them how they are doing and actively listen to their concerns. Check on that friend from your last duty station you have not heard from in a while. Even the smallest acts can have an impact. 

What to Look For

Preventing a death starts with recognizing common risk factors and triggers. Marines most at risk often are going through:

  • Legal or disciplinary action, loss of a relationship, or financial problems
  • Talking about feeling trapped - like there is no way out of a situation
  • In transition/PCSing, or are separated from their support system

There is help; There is hope

If you believe someone is thinking about suicide, trust your instincts and training. Have a conversation about your concerns, listen without being judgmental. Most importantly, help them reach out for professional help.

  • Community Counseling Program (CCP): Licensed counselors help Marines and families address life’s challenges before they impact their duties or relationships. 
  • Marine Intercept Program (MIP) provides a targeted intervention aimed at preventing a death by suicide for Marines identified as “at risk.”
  • DSTRESS Line provides 24/7/365 anonymous counseling and crisis intervention by phone, chat, and SKYPE, or referral services using a ‘Marine-to-Marine’ approach.

Suicide is Preventable

Early identification and intervention is critical. Take action.
For more information, contact Henderson Hall CCP, Suicide Prevention Program Officer (703.293.8348), or Chaplain (808.349.2292).

#BeThere: September's Most Important Hashtag

Did you know that September is Suicide Prevention Month? Although efforts to address the issue occur year-round, the Marine Corps takes this month to highlight prevention efforts, promote resources and support services, and engage Marines and families in an awareness campaign that will promote community connectedness and belonging. This year, the Headquarters Marine Corps Suicide Prevention Program (MCSSP) created the hashtag and graphic, “#BeThere,” in support of the Defense Suicide Prevention Office “BeThere” campaign theme.

#BeThere represents a call to action to all Marines, their families, and our civilian workforce to encourage peer-to-peer support and bystander intervention when you see someone in distress.

Take action! The smallest actions can help save a life. One person can begin to create a community of support that can encourage people in crisis to get the help they deserve.

  • If someone you know shows any warning signs for suicide, be direct.
  • Learn how to ask the hard questions: How can I help you?  Are you thinking about killing yourself?
  • Applying R.A.C.E. (Recognize, Ask, Care, and Escort) empowers Marines and their families to take action when someone’s in distress, and to know what to do in the situation.
  • Get them help: The DSTRESS and Military Crisis Lines are always available to support friends and loved ones.
  • Get to know the resources available on and off installation.

Spread the word! Many of you work to prevent suicide every day.  Please join us for September’s Department of Defense Suicide Prevention Awareness Month 2020.  Support the Marine Corps’ efforts to bring attention to preventing suicide by using the #BeThere to spread the word. 


Click here to download the SPM Resources Guide.