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EFMP Connections – Mentorship Program

Professionals, websites and organizations are all excellent sources of information. But there is a natural comfort in finding someone who can relate to your specific situation and personal experiences. There is a significant ease and connection knowing that someone understands your very same concerns, challenges and joys.

EFMP Henderson Hall has a Mentorship Program called EFMP Connections. Here are some examples of what the program can look like:

  • Connecting the new parents whose child has just received an autism diagnosis with veteran parents who have “walked the walk” when their child was first diagnosed.
  • Who knew that two Marine families who children are affected by a rare muscular disorder would both end up in the National Capital Region?
  • The cancer survivor who wants to offer hope and resources to others.
  • The spouse who is in enrolled in EFMP and would like to connect with other enrolled spouses to share his/her joys and struggles being a military spouse and an enrolled member of EFMP.

Would you like to connect with other EFMP families in a positive way? Please complete the Mentor/Mentee Profile Sheet and email it to our EFMP office at For more information, contact your Family Case Worker at 703-693-6510/4172.

  • Marines and/or spouses who would like to give permission to be contacted as a Mentor.
  • Marines and/or spouses who would like to sign up to receive a Mentor.

We keep a confidential list that will not be given out or publicized. Henderson Hall EFMP will provide mentors with a training program, basically an overview of the Marine Corps Exceptional Family Member Program. Our goal is that this informal peer-to-peer network can offer support, mentorship and guidance to our EFMP families.

  Henderson Hall EFMP Mentor Profile (pdf file 125 Kb)

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