Magellan Bulletin – March 2022

Employees – Achieving your retirement goals
Thoughts about your retirement may not be top-of-mind each day, but they should be a high priority when it comes to your life planning. The reliability of Social Security funding now appears uncertain, so it’s up to you to build your retirement nest egg. Learn more in this month’s newsletter.

Managers – Leading a resilient team
Thoughts about your retirement may not be top-of-mind each day, but they should be a high priority when it comes to your life planning. The reliability of Social Security funding now appears uncertain, so it’s up to you to build your retirement nest egg. Learn more in this month’s newsletter.

Members – Retirement Planning: Getting Started and Sticking to Your Goal in Times of Uncertainty | March 9
Join this webinar to:

  • Recognize the importance of starting with a plan early.
  • Use goal-setting strategies to stay on track with your vision for retirement.
  • Discuss how to adjust your spending and saving plans as needed.
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Managers – Your Program: Benefits to Support Managers | March 23
Join this webinar to:

  • Define the components of your program.
  • Explain how to access the variety of resources, tools and services.
  • Describe how to support staff and facilitate a positive, productive workplace.
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Women & Money | March 8
As the wealth gap narrows between women and men, there are still certain financial challenges that are unique to women. In this presentation we empower you with 7 Action Steps to create financial wellness and help you assess your history with money. We will discuss the importance of incorporating emotional intelligence as well as technical aspects of money management to help direct your finances to their highest potential.

Register Here - 9 am PT Register Here - 12 pm PT

Sandwich Generation: Caught in the Middle | March 24
Navigating personal finances can be daunting for anyone, but if you not only support your children but aging parents or grandparents, you are likely facing much greater challenges than most. Help has arrived! In this class we’ll show you how to assess your financial and personal capacity and set realistic boundaries to help you through this stage of life. We’ll talk about how to handle setbacks and remain resilient, and we’ll provide resources and tools to help you manage your financial goals.

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Magellan – New Digital Self-Care Programs and App

Available February 1, 2021!

myStrength by Livongo, a new benefit of the Employee Assistance Program, will replace existing Self-Care Programs and Apps on the member website beginning February 1, 2021. myStrength offers:

  • Programs to help you reduce stress, manage depression, get better sleep and more.
  • Personalized and selfdirected activities, uplifting stories, videos and daily inspiration.
  • Special in-app coaching to guide you on your journey.

With 30+ life topics and thousands of activities, myStrength can help you live your best life.

Give us a call at 1-800-424-5988 or learn more at MagellaAscend.com.

2019 DoD NAF Health Incentive Credit Program

Each calendar year, DoD NAF employees, retirees, and covered dependents can earn Health Incentive Credits as a reward for taking healthy actions. Earned credits are applied automatically to your deductible and coinsurance. The actions you can take are listed in the chart below.

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TELADOC – Access to Licensed Therapists

Peace of mind happens here. Access licensed therapists by web or app.

Establish a Relationship: You can choose to visit with a licensed psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, counselor or social worker.

By Video: Schedule an appointment for a video session from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm local time, seven days a week.

The Support You Need: Get support for anxiety, eating disorders, depression, grief, and more. A prescription can be written, if medically necessary.

Get started: Teladoc.com/Aetna
For more information: Teladoc.com/aetna-therapy

Calm Mind Flyer Care Happens Here Flyer

OPM Status

To All NAF MCCS Henderson Hall Staff:
I would like to clarify any misunderstanding of OPM’s decision for delayed openings as far as how we process that at Henderson Hall specifically.

When OPM states that there is a delayed opening, that means that we are open for business as close to our normal opening time as safely as we can. The delay allows for people to be late due to weather conditions. If you have no issues with the weather wherever you are then you would come in at your normal work time. Some people may try to get out, have to go back and wait or dig out, whatever, that may mean they are 30 minutes later than unusual, one, two or three hours later than usual or anything in between.

It simply means you have three hours IF NEEDED to get to work. Therefore, there is no leeway for those that don’t take as long to get in vs. those that do. Example: It took Sally 3 hours to get to work and she gets to leave at her regular time of 430pm but I came in an hour earlier than Sally so I can leave at 330pm – no – It is whatever it takes you to safely get to work but we are open for business at usual time to the best of our ability. You work, you leave at your regular time, whatever time it takes for you to get in. If it takes you over 3 hours and the delay is allowing three hours, then anything over the 3 is charged to leave. Example: Sheba to Roger – “I know we have a one hour delay today, but my daycare is opening two hours late so I won’t be in until xxx”. Roger to Sheba – “ok put in anything over the one hour as leave please”.

If there is something that is not understood, please contact me. I believe we clarify this every year and I just want to make sure to address in the event of more weather related issues going forward.

If you ever have questions on how someone will be paid, leave, or otherwise, please contact Jeany Paz 115, or myself at 307. We are always happy to talk out situations with you as everything isn’t always clear cut.

Marine Corps Community Services
MCCS Human Resources
H&S Bn HQMC Henderson Hall

Access to your W2's

The following information is for all NAF MCCS Henderson Hall employees:
W2’s are ONLY mailed to terminated employees (to the last address listed in PeopleSoft). ALL NAF MCCS employees who are current and active employees must access your W2 through Self Service in PeopleSoft. If you are contacted by a terminated employee who has not received their W2, please have them contact the Human Resources office at ext. 115, 306 or 307.

If any employees need assistance in this process, please contact the HR Department, Jeany Paz, Rikia Ceasar or myself. Any of us will be happy to assist you in printing your W2.