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Financial Education Action Points

Updated 09JAN2021

Virtual appointments now available via Adobe Connect and Zoom.

The Marine Corps published guidance in 2018 (MARADMIN 398/18) for the provision and tracking of the legally mandated Financial Education Action Points (FEAP). October 2018, the Marine Corps began sending MOL notifications to Marines and their Units when each Marine reaches a required FEAP.

Per MARADMIN 398/18: A Marine may meet training requirements through one of the following methods:

  1. Classroom based training offered by installation PFM, CFS or contracted PFC (must be conducted with HQMC approved standardized materials).
  2. One-on-one counseling with the installation Personal Financial Managers (PFM), unit Command Financial Specialists (CFS), contracted Personal Financial Counselor (PFC), or Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS)-provided training (e.g., Budget for Baby) or budget counseling.

Financial Education is required by federal law at the following action points:

* Command Financial Specialists and Personal Financial Counselor can teach/meet one-on-one and create certificates for Marine to e-mail to S-3 or submit a training roster.

When a Marine is notified in MOL of the need for Financial training in one of the areas of FEAP (PCS, marriage, first child, and divorce) leadership refers the service member to the CFS at assigned unit or Personal Financial Counselor at Henderson Hall. Trainings and/or appointments are 30 minutes to 1-hour in duration.

The CFS/PFC refers the Marine to the PFM for advanced training and issues (promotion, TSP, continuation pay, deployment, senior leadership). Marine needs to meet with PFM BEFORE Marine makes the continuation pay decision.

Monthly training workshops available at Henderson Hall.

Continuation Pay MOL notice during the 2020 COVID Pandemic? Please reference the Week 8 Newsletter for Continuation Pay COVID guidance updates. The Henderson Hall PFMP is ready to assist the NCR Marines with their Continuation Pay Training!

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