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SACC Intervention

Screenings & Assessments
Screenings and assessments run concurrently. They are the first step in the intervention process and help determine whether a Marine needs treatment. Screenings & Assessments last about two hours. Marines not in need of treatment, i.e. the vast majority, will simply undergo Early Intervention (Prime For Life). To schedule a screening please contact the SACC via your Unit SACO. Alternatively, you may contact the SACC at (703) 614-8961.

Early Intervention
Early Intervention consists primarily of the educational 16-hour "Prime For Life” curriculum. It assists individuals in exploring risk factors and recognizing the harmful consequences of inappropriate drug & alcohol use. The goal is to equip Marines to “Protect What You’ve Earned” by making more responsible substance use life choices. Early Intervention sessions are conducted once a month, or more frequently as may be needed.

Referral and Treatment
Marines and assigned Sailors whose needs would best be met through formal treatment are provided referrals to Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient, or Residential treatment via one of several area or regional facilities.

Following treatment completion, individuals collaborate with their Counselor in the development of an aftercare plan. SACC then provides this plan to the Commander in the form of a recommendation for the required one-year period of unit monitoring.

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