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Volunteer Program

Volunteering looks different in a world that requires physical distancing amid COVID-19 concerns, but now more than ever there is a need for the altruistic spirit that volunteering brings. Our communities, globally and locally, need to know that there are people out there that care and are willing to go the extra mile even during these unprecedented times. Click here to begin your search for amazing virtual volunteer opportunities across the globe

Henderson Hall’s Volunteer Program connects, equips and engages our Marine and Civilian Marine Volunteers to foster leadership, drive and potential.

The mission of the volunteer program is to inform and to enhance the quality of military and community volunteer programs aboard Henderson Hall and beyond its gates and build a strong sense of community among the Marine Corps units within the DC Metro Area. Develop and maintain a robust portfolio of diverse volunteering opportunities to meet various goals/needs.

The volunteer program is committed to the idea that a thoughtfully planned and well managed volunteer program can bring a wealth of benefits to the Marine, their family, and the surrounding community.

Volunteer Ready!

Volunteer Ready is our innovative training curriculum giving volunteers the relevant necessary tools for a successful and fulling volunteer career. Volunteers are exposed to the rewarding part of serving in their local community while obtaining required skill-sets need for today’s competitive job market. For current and future volunteer opportunities, call to register for training at, 703-693-1253, Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:00pm.

Volunteer Authorization Signature Form

The Volunteer Program Coordinator (VPC) provides command sponsored and individual volunteer opportunities for Marines, their family members and DOD civilians. Opportunities are posted weekly in our battalion newsletter for your review. Marines participating in off-base/off-work hour opportunities should have the sponsoring agency on-site supervisor fill out the Henderson Hall Volunteer Work-Site form and return a copy to the (VPC) if they wish to have hours tracked for the Presidential Service Award, Henderson Hall Annual Volunteer Recognition Ceremony, or the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (MOVSM).

Volunteer Authorization Signature Form

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